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You can eat and drink the products of FITSHE in many different ways. Our healthy and natural products are super versatile and suitable for cooking and baking! Want to make a delicious protein rich cake, or maybe a nutritious breakfast with a twist?

Here you will find our most delicious recipes! Did you create a super tasty recipe with FITSHE products that you would like to share with us? Tag us on social media @fitshe_com and use #fitshe.


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16 March, 2022Eggplant Casserole

23 February, 2022Protein pancakes with apple

16 February, 2022Detox Smoothie

9 February, 2022Vegan Brownies

2 February, 2022Green Smoothie

26 January, 2022Mini Quiches

12 January, 2022Smoothiebowl

22 December, 2021Home made Granola

15 December, 2021Cinnamon roll

8 December, 2021Bruschetta

1 December, 2021Grilled Vegetables

24 November, 2021Vegan ginger cookies

17 November, 2021Healthy Pasta Pesto

10 November, 2021Muhammara spread

3 November, 2021Vegan mushroom risotto

3 November, 2021Vegan carrot pumpkin soup

27 October, 2021Overnight oats

20 October, 2021Vegan Korean Wraps

17 September, 2019Banana Quark Bread

17 September, 2019Apple Pie Protein Bars

17 September, 2019Protein Breakfast Bowl