At FITSHE we are proud of our community of inspiring and fit people. We couldn’t do it without you! We hear the best stories about your fitness journey, inspiring lifestyles and delicious recipes with our products. Meet our fantastic FITSHE ambassadors here.

FITSHE Ambassador Alexandra


Marketing Manager

“Elke dag de optimale balans vinden tussen een goed werkritme, gezond eten en voldoende beweging.”


Vitality Advisor & Lifestyle Coach

“Als fysiotherapeut en lifestyle coach help ik mensen naar een gezondere levensstijl door middel van een goed balans in voeding, lichaamsbeweging en ontspanning”

FITSHE Ambassador Annemarijn
FITSHE Ambassador Bex


Manager Bar Moustache

“Het klinkt misschien een beetje afgezaagd maar voor mij is balans het meest belangrijke in het leven.”


E-commerce Consultant

“Af en toe moet ik even stoom afblazen door naar de sportschool te gaan of een rondje te lopen in het Vondelpark.”

FITSHE Ambassador Danielle
FITSHE Ambassador Eleanor


Junior Product Manager

“Gym time or running in the dunes clears my head and gets me back on track. It’s my way to relieve stress and relax.”



“Sport makes me feel good, healthy, fit, and full of energy. Pursuing a physically active lifestyle helps me relax and let go of things.”

FITSHE Ambassador Elisabeth
FITSHE Ambassador Katinka


Freelance Marcom Specialist

“To me an active lifestyle means doing everything with ambition. Or as Arnold Palmer said: Always make a total effort, even when the odds are against you.”



“Lisanne’s research focuses on young people in Amsterdam, where she follows their trajectory towards ‘super health’.”

FITSHE Ambassador Lisanne
FITSHE Ambassador Marissa


PR Consultant

“An active lifestyle means to me that I have enough energy to live and enjoy my life to the fullest.”


Senior Marketing Project Manager

“Exercise gives that wonderful and necessary combination of physical effort and mental rest. My weekly boot camp and yoga sessions help me tremendously.”

FITSHE Ambassador Michelle
FITSHE Ambassador Nurdin


Personal Trainer

“I can’t imagine a life without being active or challenging myself in the gym. Training and exercise are a big part of who I am”


Ski Cross / Big Mountain Skier

“For me, being active is my life. Getting out and about each day, going on adventures with friends is what its all about.”

FITSHE Ambassador Pamela
FITSHE Ambassador Regina



“Being active is an understatement when working and being a mum, but working out is about time for myself, feeling confident, strong and fit.”


Media Consultant & PR Specialist

“I keep challenging myself and pushing my boundaries. My life is always ‘GO’ in a fun way.”

FITSHE Ambassador Sabina
FITSHE Ambassador Saskia


Fashion and Image Stylist

“My two men at home are the ones who inspire me the most. Their eternal positivity, perseverance and discipline motivate me every day!”


Nutrition Expert & Health Coach

“It’s all about energy, inspiration, power, confidence and ease.”

FITSHE Ambassador Stefanie
FITSHE Ambassador Steffi


Yoga Teacher

“I always feel better after exercise. I also like boxing, which allows me to punch out all my insecurity and pettiness.”



“Health to me comes from the inside out. We have to stay stronger than our environment in order to not only survive but thrive!”

FITSHE Ambassador Sunitha